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China discourages its hackers from foreign competitions so they don’t help others

China is discouraging its internet security experts from taking part in international hacking competitions because of national security concerns, according to a Beijing-based company that was informed of the decision. Beijing Chaitin Technology Co. was told by the Chinese government at the end of last year not to participate in such competitions, according to a […]

Chinese hackers clean up at PwnFest contest

Chinese cyber security contestants from Qihoo 360 were crowned “Lords of Pwn” at last week’s PwnFest in South Korea. PwnFest is a newly-launched vulnerabilities pwning contest run by South Korean cyber security conference organizer, the Power of Community (POC). Supported by Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe and VMware, the contest provides valuable information to the companies […]

Chinese whitehats awarded at international cyber conference

Qihoo 360 Vulcan team receives an award from Microsoft Edge bug exploiting and pwning during the POC 2016 held on Nov 10, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn] White hats from Qihoo 360 Technology Co have showcased the latest bug-fixing improvements at an international hackers conference. Organized by South Korean hackers and […]

Malware whitelisted by Chinese antivirus after third-party bribes

Elaborate scam to fleece online shoppers. Cyber criminals have managed to hide their malware under the cover of a popular Chinese antivirus product, after they allegedly bribed the staff of a third-party gaming company to include the malicious code within their legitimate apps. According to Check Point Software, IT security company Qihoo 360 unintentionally whitelisted […]