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Taiwan’s National Security Bureau to monitor Chinese firms

Taiwan’s National Security Bureau Monday sought to allay worries about opening Taiwan’s services market to China by announcing plans to regulate and monitor Chinese companies and individuals that pose a potential security risk. The cross-strait trade-in-services agreement will remove many barriers for Chinese services providers to set up companies and offices in Taiwan, but concerns […]

China on frontlines of cyber security threat

An internet cafe in Chengdu. (Photo/Xinhua) Twenty years after it embraced the internet, China has become a cyber giant, but a weak one vulnerable to a skyrocketing number of threats. Since China formally became a member of the global internet club on April 20, 1994, internet users had grown to 618 million at the end […]

Cyber-attacks a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, officials say

Cyber-attacks and cyber-espionage pose a greater potential danger to U.S. national security than Al Qaeda and other militants that have dominated America’s global focus since Sept. 11, 2001, the nation’s top intelligence officials said Tuesday. For the first time, the growing risk of computer-launched foreign assaults on U.S. infrastructure, including the power grid, transportation hubs […]