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APT32 hackers targeted Chinese govt over coronavirus response

Hackers working in support of the Vietnamese government have attempted to break into Chinese state organisations at the centre of Beijing’s effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak, according to US cyber security firm FireEye. FireEye said a hacking group known as APT32 had tried to compromise the personal and professional email accounts of staff at […]

Huawei rebuts Australian 5G security concerns

Huawei refuted Australian claims it poses a security risk, calling the criticism “ill-informed” in an open letter on Monday that threatens to inflame already heightened Sino-Canberra tensions. Australia is likely to ban Huawei from participating in a 5G mobile telecommunications rollout in the nation as it fears the company is de facto controlled by China […]

China looks to Linux as Windows alternative

China may look at the open source Linux as a replacement for Windows, following an official ban on Microsoft’s Windows 8 for government procured computers. Chinese Government news agency Xinhua published an article claiming Chinese vendors are using a ban on Windows 8 to push Linux-based OS variants. According the the reports, Chinese developers may […]

FireEye claims China hacked PCs of G20 leaders

Chinese hackers eavesdropped on the computers of five European foreign ministries before last September’s G20 Summit, which was dominated by the Syrian crisis, according to research by computer security firm FireEye. The hackers infiltrated the ministries’ computer networks by sending emails to staff containing tainted files with titles such as “US_military_options_in_Syria,” said FireEye, which sells […]

Huawei’s big data push in London

In a memorandum of understanding signed last week, Imperial College London signed up to working with controversial communications technology firm Huawei. The two have set plans in motion to run a joint research and development hub in west London. Not for the first time, this raises questions about the security of British firms and institutions doing business […]

美国白宫助手认为网络安全危及中美关系 (White House aide says cyber security a challenge to US-China ties)

This is a translation of the original article titled “White House aide says cyber security a challenge to US-China ties” by Deborah Charles and Daniel Trotta. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/336178,white-house-aide-says-cyber-security-a-challenge-to-us-china-ties.aspx 美国白宫助手认为网络安全危及中美关系 公共非难依然持续 网络安全对中美经济关系的挑战日渐增长,北京方面必须认识到该问题的重要性。这 是白宫国家安全顾问 Tom Donilon 在周一发表的言论。 他在给亚洲社会的一场讲演中提到美国商业对来自中国的网络入侵者有目的性地盗取 其商业保密信息和技术产权越来越担忧。 “国际社会无法忍受任何国家的如此行为。”他特别指出奥巴马总统在上月的国情咨文中 誓将在网络威胁方面保护美国经济。 Donilon的言论作为美国高层官员来说,是属于最直接的一位,指名道姓地提出中国是 网络威胁的源头,即使他出于美国商业的担忧而不是出于政府的角度。 即便如此,该言论表明了华府已经打算就美国企业所受的网络攻击以及猖獗的网络间 谍活动对中国进行更加公开的非难指责。 Donilon说上至奥巴马总统,对网络攻击的顾虑已经成为中美政府在各个阶层的“关心和 讨论的关键点” 。他指出美国政府将尽其所能保护其国际网络,关键基础建设,以及公共与 私人财产的安全。 他列出对中国的三点要求,第一北京方面应该认识到该问题的紧急性,将危及国际贸易 和中国企业界声誉,同时也不利于中国关系发展。 “第二,北京方面应该严肃着手调查并制止此类行为。” Donilon说:“最后,我们需要中 国和我们一起通过有建设性的直接对话来建立网络空间可行的行为规范。” 上月,一家美国私人计算机网络安全企业发表了一项调查研究,指责一个中国秘密军 事基地在背后进行了一系列对美国企业大范围的黑客攻击。 中国否认的该项指责并认为自己是网络攻击最大的受害者。