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Hong Kong Google Play Store’s Apps Security Risk Report (April 2014)

Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team (HKCERT) Coordination Centre cooperates with the National Institute of Network and Information Security (NINIS) for detecting malicious and suspicious behaviors of Apps from the Google Play Store, in order to study the security risk of apps in the Google Play Store in Hong Kong area. NINIS provides us analyzed […]

Hackers lurk in vents and vending machines

As an amusing side note, a┬ábusiness was compromised through an online Chinese take away website.  

HKCERT Security Newsletter (Aug 2013 Issue)

The August 2013 Hong Kong CERT (HKCERT) Security Newsletter is available now covering: Cover Story – First issue of Hong Kong Google Play Store’s Apps Security Risk Report from HKCERT – Corresponding to the “Master Key” critical vulnerability in Android – Do you know your website is secure? Hot Topic – Guideline of Web Security […]

China sees increase in Trojan and botnet attacks from other countries

China saw an increase in Trojan and botnet attacks coming from other countries in 2012, as the amount of mobile malware in the country also surged, according to a local security group. During the year, a total of 73,000 Trojan and botnet command-and-control servers had hijacked 14.2 million host machines in the country. The number […]

Watering hole attack targets Chinese dissidents

A fresh “watering hole” campaign that targets Chinese government dissidents is under-way, according to security firm FireEye. In a watering hole attack scenario, a trendy scheme used to conduct cyber espionage, a website frequented by a targeted victim list is seeded with malware so that when they visit the site, they are hit with the […]

Tone Down the Cyberwarfare Rhetoric, Expert Urges Congress

As the nation spent this week pondering the wisdom of its decision to invade Iraq a decade ago, a witness urged Congress on Wednesday to consider more carefully how the United States will respond to a cyber 9/11 should one occur and to weigh carefully the use of strong statements that could force the nation […]

Taiwan sets up internet shield to tackle ‘hacking’

Taiwan has set up a unit to create a comprehensive internet shield against hackers, its intelligence chief said on Wednesday, in response to what it claims is a growing cyber threat from China. Tsai Teh-sheng, head of the island’s National Security Bureau, described the perceived cyber threat from China as “very severe” when asked to […]