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Apple devices hacked in China: AceDeceiver malware hidden on App Store dupes users into installing malicious apps on iOS

A family of malware infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices targeting users in mainland China has been identified by security firm Palo Alto Networks. The AceDeceiver malware was found hidden behind three “wallpaper” apps in the App Store. It uses a flaw in Apple’s digital rights management technology FairPlay to install malicious apps on iOS devices. Read […]

Devs, hackers hunt for iOS malware author iTnews.com.au

Devs, hackers hunt for iOS malware author Hackers and developers are on a hunt to reveal the creator of a mysterious piece of malware that steals Apple usernames and passwords from jailbroken devices. The Unflod malware, a name resembling the legitimate and popular Unfold iOS tweak, surfaced sometime in February. It infected users downloading unknown […]

New Malware Targetting iOS Devices

 Chinese hackers may have created iOS malware called Unflod Malware targeting jailbroken iOS devices has been spotted, with indications Chinese hackers created the password stealer, known as Unflod. Reddit users posted about infected Apple machines earlier this month, saying the Unflod software was causing certain apps, including Snapchat and Google Hangouts, to crash. Security researcher Stefan […]