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HKCERT – Petwrap / NotPetya Ransomware Encrypts Victim Data

A new variant of ransomware known as Petwrap / Petrwrap / Petya / NotPetya / Nyetya is spreading quickly. HKCERT was aware that it is widespread overseas. The different name indicate the industry is debating if the ransomware is directly related to another known ransomware Petya. It incorporated the attack method from the WannaCry ransomware […]

Hong Kong Networks Abused to Host More Than 22,000 Phishing URL

In 2015, HKCERT has handled 1,931 cases on phishing site hosting, accounting for 40% of all security incidents handled. Compared with 594 similar cases handled in the same period last year, the increase is 233%. The surge was caused by a phishing campaign targeting banks in mainland China, by abusing hosting service located in Hong […]

Hong Kong Security Watch Report (Q4 2015)

HKCERT is pleased to bring to you the “Hong Kong Security Watch Report” for the forth quarter of 2015.   Nowadays, a lot of “invisible” compromised computers are controlled by attackers with the owner being unaware. The data on these computers may be mined and exposed every day and the computers may be utilized in […]