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Beijing warns computer users across country over massive ‘Petya’ cyberattack

Beijing has warned computer users across the country to guard against a massive cyberattack spreading around the globe, but the damage from the “Petya” ­ransomware virus in Asia ­appeared to be limited on Wednesday. It has hit Ukraine’s central bank, Russian oil giant Rosneft and British advertising firm WPP, among others, demanding US$300 (HK$2,340) in […]

Australia: China Hacked Our Weather Service

Australian authorities are alleging China is behind a massive cyberattack on the country’s weather service, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports. The hack of the Bureau of Meteorology’s computers accessed a large amount of proprietary data as well as a high-performance supercomputing center that is used by a host of other Australian government agencies. According to […]

After pointing to China, S. Korea confirms hack came from ‘somewhere’

After a series of cyber attacks brought down 32,000 servers and computers belonging to media and financial companies, South Korean security experts quickly traced the source of the hack to an IP address in China. However on Friday, officials from South Korea’s Communications Commission were forced to walk back their claim about Chinese involvement, claiming […]

Hacking attack on South Korea traced to China

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) – The suspected cyberattack that appeared to target South Korean banks and broadcasters Wednesday originated from an IP address in China, South Korea’s Communications Committee said in a statement Thursday. The attack damaged 32,000 computers and servers of media and financial companies, the committee said. South Korean officials are analyzing the […]