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US Attention Shifts Away From Chinese Cyber Threats

Sam Curry, Chief Product Officer at Boston-based Cybereason, said that privatization has changed the perception of China as a cybersecurity risk. “I think for a long time, public enemy number one was China, in everyone’s eyes, the government. They were performing hacking on a very large scale,” said Curry. “I think the first meeting with President […]

China’s New Guidance Further Restricts the Transfer of Digital Information

Beijing has published a bevy of laws, regulations, and policy statements over the past six months on cyber governance (here, here, and here). Together, they flesh out China’s concern for protecting its “cyberspace sovereignty” (网络空间主权) against foreign interference. Last Tuesday the Cyberspace Administration (a division of the State Council – China’s central executive body) added […]


China adopts cybersecurity law to protect national security, citizens’ rights

China’s top legislature on Monday adopted a cybersecurity law to safeguard sovereignty on cyberspace, national security and the rights of citizens. The government will take measures to “monitor, defend and handle cybersecurity risks and threats originating from within the country or overseas sources, protecting key information infrastructure from attack,intrusion, disturbance and damage,” the law states. […]

Reasons Why China is So Conservative About Internet & Digital Security Issues

Controlling the internet for the most populous country in the world is not a small task. There is a technological boom worldwide and people now can connect to the world through social media. At this time, country like China has blocked thousands of websites and also put heavy restrictions on destinations such as YouTube, Flickr […]

Ransomware attacks on U.S. companies blamed on state-sponsored Chinese hackers

So what do Chinese government-supported hackers turn to after China backed off on supporting economic espionage? Applying their APT skills to infecting companies with ransomware…at least that is the prevailing theory put forth by several security firms. If China really did pull its previous level of support for economic espionage after its agreement with the […]

US lawmakers advised to consider hacking China back

The United States should think about allowing US companies to “hack back” if data is stolen by Chinese hackers. Data lost in such attacks could be recovered or wiped, suggests a new report from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. It says lost sales and fixing hacking damage have cost US firms tens of […]

The U.S. Must No Longer Accept China’s Denial of Government-Sponsored Hack Attacks

China’s bitter battle to rewrite the rules of the Internet persisted in December in the historic town of Wuzhen. There, China held its second World Internet Conference. The theme was identical to last year’s — “an interconnected world shared and governed by all” — but the context surrounding this WIC was quite different. This year’s […]

Chinese suspected to be behind hacking of two Indian IT companies

MUMBAI: Hackers, suspected to be based out of China, managed to break into two of India’s information technology firms recently, possibly chasing information on some American firms, two people aware of the development said. One of the firms came to know about the cyber-attack on its servers within hours and was able to stop any […]

Ramping Down Chinese Commercial Cyber Espionage

Despite criticism from skeptics, China is trying to honor its “no commercial hacking for profit” commitments as first promised in an accord with the United States, and later reaffirmed at the November 2015 G20 summit.  Recent news reports cited that in a show of good faith, China had arrested hackers per the U.S. government’s request […]

Hong Kong Google Play Store’s Apps Security Risk Report (April 2014)

Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team (HKCERT) Coordination Centre cooperates with the National Institute of Network and Information Security (NINIS) for detecting malicious and suspicious behaviors of Apps from the Google Play Store, in order to study the security risk of apps in the Google Play Store in Hong Kong area. NINIS provides us analyzed […]