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Chinese firm recalls camera products linked to massive DDOS attack

A Chinese electronics component maker is recalling 4.3 million internet-connected camera products from the U.S. market amid claims they may have played a role in Friday’s massive internet disruption. On Monday, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology said it was recalling earlier models of four kinds of cameras due to a security vulnerability┬áthat can make them easy to […]

Leaders gather in Beijing to address cyber threat

Video coverage of the 2014 China Internet Security Conference is online at CCTV.com Click through to http://english.cntv.cn/2014/09/25/VIDE1411595524479107.shtml to see the video coverage. Threats to cyber security are a growing concern. Hackers can inflict widespread damages from identity theft to financial loss with the click of a mouse. On Wednesday, the China Internet Security Conference began […]