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Apple devices hacked in China: AceDeceiver malware hidden on App Store dupes users into installing malicious apps on iOS

A family of malware infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices targeting users in mainland China has been identified by security firm Palo Alto Networks. The AceDeceiver malware was found hidden behind three “wallpaper” apps in the App Store. It uses a flaw in Apple’s digital rights management technology FairPlay to install malicious apps on iOS devices. Read […]

Apple vs. FBI: What about China; iCloud and encryption; protest planned

In less than a week, Apple vs. FBI — the epic showdown between privacy and security in the age of the iPhone — goes to court. Here are some related news and developments ahead of that super Tuesday. • As Howard Mintz reported yesterday, Apple filed a response to last week’s government filing about the […]

Apple, Microsoft and Foreign Anti virus products removed from Chinese government procurement list

Apple products join those from Microsoft, Symantec and Kaspersky in being removed from the Chinese Government’s procurement list according to a report from Bloomberg earlier this week. Ten Apple product models, including the iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, were on a June version of the government purchase list, initiated by the National […]

Aussie companies lag on security as cyberthreat intensifies overseas

Ever vigilant on citizen privacy, EU regulators were promising action on Google’s privacy policy changes while the EU Parliament made more than 900 amendments to proposed new data-privacy laws. Also on the international front, security firm Mandiant was alleging that it had information about the Chinese-backed ‘PLA 61398’ cyber-army hacking into US firms. In an […]