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Huawei isn’t a Spy for China

An article snipped from yesterday’s AFR where China’s Ambassador to Australia, Chen Yuming, has stated that Huawei is not a spy for China, in response to allegations from retired US intelligence officials.  

China behind Snowden’s HK exit

Posted in the Australian Financial Review today. “From China’s point if view, analysts said, the departure of Mr Snowden solved two concerns: how to prevent Beijing’s relationship with the United States from being ensnared in a long legal wrangle in Hong Kong over Snowden, and how to deal with a Chinese public that widely regards […]


Huawei pulls plug on NBN project teams

Huawei Australia chairman John Lord says the controversial Chinese telecommunications vendor has all but given up hope supplying the NBN. Huawei was blocked by the government selling equipment to the NBN based on advice from intelligence agencies.