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US Attention Shifts Away From Chinese Cyber Threats

Sam Curry, Chief Product Officer at Boston-based Cybereason, said that privatization has changed the perception of China as a cybersecurity risk. “I think for a long time, public enemy number one was China, in everyone’s eyes, the government. They were performing hacking on a very large scale,” said Curry.

“I think the first meeting with President Obama really changed the dialogue; the idea was to get out of the way of international relations and make sure we could do more constructive things.”

We’ve seen some progress, according to Curry, and now it’s time to wait on the Trump administration to clarify its cybersecurity policies and priorities.

Curry says that in a recent meeting between China and the Trump Administration, cybersecurity was not a main topic of conversation, proving that nations have moved on. “The whole nature of cyber within China has changed,” he said. “The relationship between China and the United States is definitely different than when Obama took office and had his initial conversation.”

According to Curry, there has been a movement of talent into the private sector. For a communist country, cybersecurity efforts have been largely privatized, in what he calls a “cyber-industrial complex.”

“This really gives China an arms-length from hacking and gets it off the stage between the two countries. There’s been quite a bit of evolution there,” said Curry.


Here’s a link to the original article posted over at CRN http://www.crn.com/news/channel-programs/video/300084680/cybereason-with-cybersecurity-privatized-in-china-u-s-attention-shifts-away-from-cyber-threats.htm



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