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[Worth Reading] CNCERT Weekly Report July 1-7 2013 –

 While stumbling across the internets and through Chinese government sites,

I found CNCERT’s site which has a wealth of interesting information on
what’s going on in Zhong Guo.

[image: Inline images 1]
These are the summary metrics from the report’s front page and if I ever
get less lazy, I’ll grab some historical reports and plot some trends. I
wish CERT Australia published equivalent metrics with the same sense of

It was particularly brave / interesting that they published the metrics
around defaced government websites and I’d even eat chicken feet to know if
the attacks originated domestically or internationally.

“This week, the defaced government (gov.cn) websites totaled 439 (7.2%), an
increase of 16.8% from last week. Backdoors were installed into 102 (4.1%)
government (gov.cn) websites, which decrease by 16.4% from last week.”

[image: Inline images 2]

And the other key metrics of interest were around mobile malware:
“This week, CNCERT has coordinated 21 mobile phone application stores to
handle 412 malicious URLs of the mobile malware”

[image: Inline images 3]

Grab this report from:

Find all reports under the English publications section at:



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