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Security test results on Xiaomi phones to be unveiled soon

In Taipei, the minister of science and technology said Friday that test results on a potential cyber security threat from China’s Xiaomi cellphones will be unveiled in a few days.

Simon Chang said the National Communications Commission is conducting the final tests. As they are “not that complex,” it will not take three months as originally estimated, but only a few days.

The tests follow recent reports that some models offered by Xiaomi Inc., a leading smartphone company in China, sends user data back to the firm’s servers in China.

Chang also brushed off question about whether the government is using the cyber security threat to squeeze Xiaomi, and whether HTC, Taiwan’s leading smartphone maker, will face counter measures in the wake of the incident.

Chang stressed that the government is not using data leaks as a pretext to hamper Xiaomi’s development.

Moreover, the matter was first reported by a magazine specializing in cyber security and not the government, Chang noted.

He said that not only Taiwanese consumers have the problem but that consumers from other countries have misgivings about data leaks.

He also said initial investigation results show that while Xiaomi phone users’ communication records will be sent back to the company’s main server, the actual content of the conversations is unlikely to be registered because of the huge volume of data involved. 

(By Huang Chiao-wen and Lilian Wu)

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