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More cyberattacks originate from Russia than China


While media and government source continue to allude to China as the biggest source of cyber-attacks hitting innocent servers on the Internet, a new portal from Deutsche Telekom (DT) instead suggests that it’s actually the Russian Federation that’s launching substantiall more cyber-attacks.

Deutsche Telekom (DT), which has set up a new portal to monitor real-time cyber-attacks against its network. According to the data on the sicherheitstacho.eu (loosely translated as “security tachometer”) site, Russia was responsible for 2.4 million attacks against DT last month.

The People’s Republic of China, the current bugaboo of security mavens, ranked 12th on the same list, its 168,000 attacks coming in far behind nations like Germany, Ukraine and the United States. Curiously, it was Taiwan that held the number two slot, with 907,000 tracked cyber-attacks, seemingly dispelling the notion that it’s the Commies out to get Western corporate interests.

Read more at http://readwrite.com/2013/03/18/from-russia-with-bots-finding-the-source-of-cyber-attacks


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