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Managers need to take cybersecurity seriously

No matter what your industry, cyber security needs to be top of mind for management teams. These days, with organised cyber criminals running mass-scale hacking operations and then selling information about institutional vulnerabilities, companies need to be proactive in their defence.

A worldwide survey of more than 900 executives conducted by Accenture Strategy found that more than two-thirds of respondents believe the likelihood of a cyberattack to be “very” or “extremely” high and a similar share sees a high likelihood of data or privacy breaches. With that in mind, it’s somewhat surprising that only 9 per cent run inward-directed attacks (penetration tests) to check their systems on a regular basis. It’s clear there is a significant disconnect between how aware organisations are of the cyber-threat and how prepared they are for such an attack.

Managers need to address this disconnect by making cyber security a top-down priority. From the board of directors and senior managers to junior analysts, your team needs to take cyber security seriously.

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