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US Attention Shifts Away From Chinese Cyber Threats

Sam Curry, Chief Product Officer at Boston-based Cybereason, said that privatization has changed the perception of China as a cybersecurity risk. “I think for a long time, public enemy number one was China, in everyone’s eyes, the government. They were performing hacking on a very large scale,” said Curry. “I think the first meeting with President […]

Hacking China’s online games for profit: an interview

Tech in Asia just posted this great article (translated from the original on Sina.com) on hacking groups who target online games in China. My favourite parts are: “the division of labor and operations [around hacking online games] is already quite mature.” Hackers organize into small teams, with the most technically skilled hackers cracking into the […]

Trustwave report shows less attacks originate in China than elsewhere

** Interestingly, the latest Trustwave data breach report shows statistics that a far larger number of attacks originate in the US and elsewhere than from China. This is quite a contrasting data point given the amount of attention in the media painting China as an aggressor. In the ‘top attacker locations’ China is 5th behind […]

IT Security China – Nihao

I lived in the bustling city of Shanghai (China) for 2.5 years from 2003 to mid 2005 so have some firsthand but dated experience living and working in this amazing, frustrating and often contradictory country. During my time (and ever since) I’ve collected and experienced many a tale of IT security woe. Some of these were first […]