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China-linked ‘Electric Panda’ hackers seek U.S. targets, intel agency warns

Nearly 40 U.S. contracting facilities with access to classified information have been targeted by a hacking group with suspected ties to the Chinese government since Feb. 1, according to a bulletin disseminated to contractors by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency on Wednesday. The bulletin, obtained by Politico, is marked “unclassified/for official use only” and […]

Huawei rebuts Australian 5G security concerns

Huawei refuted Australian claims it poses a security risk, calling the criticism “ill-informed” in an open letter on Monday that threatens to inflame already heightened Sino-Canberra tensions. Australia is likely to ban Huawei from participating in a 5G mobile telecommunications rollout in the nation as it fears the company is de facto controlled by China […]

China is seeking to become a “cyber superpower”

Supercomputers have their origins in national security. The biggest are still mostly paid for by governments, and continue to bolster countries’ national self-esteem. For decades, it was axiomatic that the fastest of these computers would mostly be American, or at least use American chips. No longer. When Top500, a website, released its latest list of […]

China discourages its hackers from foreign competitions so they don’t help others

China is discouraging its internet security experts from taking part in international hacking competitions because of national security concerns, according to a Beijing-based company that was informed of the decision. Beijing Chaitin Technology Co. was told by the Chinese government at the end of last year not to participate in such competitions, according to a […]

Xi, Obama tout Sino-US cooperation on cybersecurity

As China and the United States agreed at the G20 Leaders Summit to enhance cooperation on cybersecurity issues, Chinese internet specialists called on the government to improve its network constructions and accelerate cybersecurity legislation. President Xi Jinping met US President Barack Obama during the summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, where they discussed several bilateral issues, […]

China Goes After Erring Commercial Websites, Beefs Up Cybersecurity Efforts

Chinese authorities have stepped up efforts on curbing news reporting malpractices made by commercial websites. Under the new notice posted by the Cyberspace Administration of China on its website on Monday, only commercial sites that have already been given licenses to report news will be allowed to put up local sections for their reports. However, […]

Government cyber-surveillance is the norm in China — and it’s popular

When they met most recently, President Obama extracted from his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, a solemn pledge to rein in Chinese surveillance and hacking of U.S. government agencies, companies and individuals. The backsliding seems to have begun almost immediately , with new reports of attacks by Chinese hackers in the United States. This conflict is […]

What Does 2016 Hold for China-US Relations in Cyberspace?

Sino-U.S. relations in cyberspace in 2016 will be defined by three key policies: attribution, sanctions, and norms. The first two tacks will be used by the United States to contain malicious Chinese activities in cyberspace (and to assuage the U.S. private sector and U.S. public opinion), whereas the last device will be used for promoting […]

Chinese military force to take lead on cyber, space defense

A new Chinese military outfit will lead the country’s push to enhance its cyber warfare, space security and online espionage capabilities, Chinese military observers and analysts said. Senior People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officials and other observers have begun to give details of the country’s new Strategic Support Force (SSF), whose establishment was announced at the […]

Hong Kong Networks Abused to Host More Than 22,000 Phishing URL

In 2015, HKCERT has handled 1,931 cases on phishing site hosting, accounting for 40% of all security incidents handled. Compared with 594 similar cases handled in the same period last year, the increase is 233%. The surge was caused by a phishing campaign targeting banks in mainland China, by abusing hosting service located in Hong […]