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China, Germany Working on Cybersecurity Deal, Envoy Says

(Beijing) – China and Germany are working to reach an agreement this year to strengthen cybersecurity as both countries seek to upgrade their manufacturing industries with advanced digital technologies, says Michael Clauss, the German ambassador to China. The countries’ separate strategies – which China calls “Made in China 2025” and Germany refers to as “Industry […]

China Wants to Make ‘Minority Report’ a Reality

Beijing is working on data-collection efforts that will help them identify subversives—before they strike. China has a new strategy in fighting crime, ripped from science fiction and hastily pasted at the top of the list of paranoia-inducing concepts. It’s called pre-crime. It goes further than sting operations, counterterrorism, or any other government action to preempt […]

Pwn2Own 2016: Chinese Researcher Hacks Google Chrome within 11 minutes

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — 360Vulcan Team from Qihoo 360 hacked Google Chrome, the browser with the least vulnerabilities, and obtained the highest system privilege. It’s the first time a Chinese security team has hacked Google Chrome at the Pwn2Own contest. 360Vulcan Team also hacked Adobe Flash Player based on Edge browser, obtaining the highest […]

Hack Brief: No Need to Freak Out Over That Chinese iPhone Malware

The security track record of Apple’s locked-down mobile operating system has been so spotless that any hairline fracture in its protections makes headlines. So when security researchers revealed that a new flavor of malware known as AceDeceiver had found its way onto as many as 6.6 million Chinese iPhones, the news was covered like a […]

‘Suckfly’ in the ointment: Chinese APT group steals code-signing certificates

An advanced persistent threat (APT) group based in China, code-named Suckfly, has been concealing its nefarious activity over the past two years by stealing code-signing certificates and applying them to malware and hack tools to make them look like legitimate software when downloaded. According to a security blog post by Symantec, Suckfly stole the certificates […]

Apple devices hacked in China: AceDeceiver malware hidden on App Store dupes users into installing malicious apps on iOS

A family of malware infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices targeting users in mainland China has been identified by security firm Palo Alto Networks. The AceDeceiver malware was found hidden behind three “wallpaper” apps in the App Store. It uses a flaw in Apple’s digital rights management technology FairPlay to install malicious apps on iOS devices. Read […]

In the Apple encryption fight, the FBI is now on China’s side

As Apple filed its defense against the government on Monday, FBI Director James Comey was in Beijing, meeting with the head of China’s surveillance state. According to state media reports, Comey and Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun discussed ways to “deepen law enforcement and security cooperation.” It was a diplomatic meeting, trying to warm a […]

Apple vs. FBI: What about China; iCloud and encryption; protest planned

In less than a week, Apple vs. FBI — the epic showdown between privacy and security in the age of the iPhone — goes to court. Here are some related news and developments ahead of that super Tuesday. • As Howard Mintz reported yesterday, Apple filed a response to last week’s government filing about the […]

Hackers From China Could Be Behind Ransomware Cyber Attacks in the U.S.

They’ve taken up tactics almost identical to those used in state-sponsored cyber attacks. Hackers using tactics and tools previously associated with Chinese government-supported computer network intrusions have joined the booming cyber crime industry of ransomware, four security firms that investigated attacks on U.S. companies said. Ransomware, which involves encrypting a target’s computer files and then […]

China Calls for Increased Cooperation with FBI on Internet Security, Counterterrorism

China has called for increased cooperation with the FBI on matters pertaining to internet security and counterterrorism. Reuters reports that Guo Shengkun, China’s minister of public safety, recently told FBI Director James Comey in a Beijing meeting that his country was willing to enhance its mutual trust and respect with the United States with respect […]