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Chinese President Urges Adoption Of ‘Cyber Sovereignty’

Sovereign countries should set their own laws for the Internet and others should respect that, according to China President China has triggered fresh concerns about online censorship after the Chinese president Xi Jinping said countries should respect one another’s “cyber sovereignty” and different internet governance models. The country has some of the world’s most restrictive […]

Xi urges global efforts to fight cybercrime, Internet terrorism

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a global treaty on fighting Internet terrorism, amid the growing threat on cyberspace from Middle Eastern terror groups. He also proposed joint international efforts to combat cybercrimes like drug trafficking, money laundering and gambling, and to formulate “widely accepted” guidelines to oppose espionage, hacking and an “arms race” […]

Alibaba customers targeted in Phishing attack

Customers of the online retail giant Alibaba are being specifically targeted with a phishing scam. The Comodo Antispam Labs said some Alibaba customers have been victimized by a phishing scam where the email uses a spoofed address – feedback@service.alibaba.com – and a message that attempts to get people to verify their account information. The email […]

Chinese suspected to be behind hacking of two Indian IT companies

MUMBAI: Hackers, suspected to be based out of China, managed to break into two of India’s information technology firms recently, possibly chasing information on some American firms, two people aware of the development said. One of the firms came to know about the cyber-attack on its servers within hours and was able to stop any […]

Wuzhen to host 2nd World Internet Conference

The eastern Chinese town of Wuzhen will be hosting the Second World Internet Conference from the 16th to the 18th of December. President Xi Jinping will attend and deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. Wuzhen, an ancient Chinese town dotted with old-style houses is gearing up to host a summit on the newest […]

Our best frenemy

When it comes to global cyberthreats, you could say there’s the whole rest of the world, and then there’s China. The victims of Chinese hacking cover every sector of the U.S. economy, from banks and tech firms to energy giants and government agencies. Chinese hackers have been linked to the theft of 80 million Social […]

Ramping Down Chinese Commercial Cyber Espionage

Despite criticism from skeptics, China is trying to honor its “no commercial hacking for profit” commitments as first promised in an accord with the United States, and later reaffirmed at the November 2015 G20 summit.  Recent news reports cited that in a show of good faith, China had arrested hackers per the U.S. government’s request […]

China Calls Hacking of U.S. Workers’ Data a Crime, Not a State Act

HONG KONG — China has acknowledged for the first time that the breach of the United States Office of Personnel Management’s computer systems, which the Obama administration said exposed the personal information of more than 21.5 million people, was the work of Chinese hackers. But China insisted that the breach was the result of criminal […]

U.S., China to Expand Cybercrime Fight Amid Hacking Admission

U.S. and Chinese officials have agreed to expand cooperation to crack down on cybercrime as China’s state-run news agency said a hacking attack on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management was carried out by criminals there. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest pointed to the two-day talks between China and the U.S. which concluded Wednesday […]

China and US find common ground over cybersecurity disputes

China and the US have agreed to a framework on managing their cybersecurity disputes at the highest-level talks on the issue since the leaders of the two nations sat down in September, Beijing said on Wednesday. The discussions in Washington had yielded “positive outcomes”, the Ministry of Public Security said, including an understanding that quick […]