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Leaders gather in Beijing to address cyber threat

Video coverage of the 2014 China Internet Security Conference is online at CCTV.com Click through to http://english.cntv.cn/2014/09/25/VIDE1411595524479107.shtml to see the video coverage. Threats to cyber security are a growing concern. Hackers can inflict widespread damages from identity theft to financial loss with the click of a mouse. On Wednesday, the China Internet Security Conference began […]

Security test results on Xiaomi phones to be unveiled soon

In Taipei, the minister of science and technology said Friday that test results on a potential cyber security threat from China’s Xiaomi cellphones will be unveiled in a few days.Simon Chang said the National Communications Commission is conducting the final tests. As they are “not that complex,” it will not take three months as originally […]

China Hosts Infosecurity Show as Xiaomi Gets Another Drilling – Infosecurity Magazine

China has trumpeted an internet security summit in Beijing this week just as one of its flagship companies, smartphone wunderkind, Xiaomi, came under investigation by the Taiwanese authorities. State-run media has been awash in the Middle Kingdom with news of an international cyber security summit – one which Beijing is hoping will galvanize its narrative that it is a victim, […]

China Mobile selects Gemalto NFC security tech for Beijing mass transit services

  Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, has been selected by China Mobile to offer its UpTeq NFC Multi-tenant SIMs to protect consumer credentials used for mobile contactless applications, starting with mass transit services in Beijing. China Mobile is the largest operator in the world with a total subscriber base of […]

National security concerns heat up smartphone wars

A trio of headlines are shining a spotlight on a new twist in the brutally competitive smartphone market, where national security is suddenly becoming a major new headache for manufacturers. In one headline, Chinese smartphone sensation Xiaomi is being investigated in Taiwan for national security risks related to the storage of local user data on […]

ASX listed YPB to help Chinese Government thwart $14 billion counterfeit market

Anti-counterfeiting technology company, YPB Group, has signed a supply contract with the Chinese government’s ministry of public security to provide its invisible tracer products and T1 scanners. The contract is with the First Research Institute of the MPS for a trial of YPB’s anti-counterfeit products and services, and will have an initial focus on access […]

Half of China’s government websites have security issues

As an increasing number of government organizations embrace the digital age by going online, website security for their domains are at high risk for cyber attacks, a survey by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center has discovered. The center found that 1,367 of the 2,714 government websites surveyed in 2013, or 50.4 percent of […]

Chinese hackers breach 50 U.S. gov’t contractors’ systems in one year

Over the course of almost a year, Chinese hackers were able to target, attack and successfully penetrate government contractors’ systems to steal sensitive information and, in one case, access systems onboard an American commercial ship. The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee spearheaded the release of the “Inquiry into Cyber Intrusions Affecting U.S. Transportation Command Contractors” […]

China seeks ways to protect public Internet security

The 2014 China Internet Conference has wrapped up at the Beijing International Convention Center. This year’s theme was “Create Infinite Chances”. The annual conference is a platform for promoting exchanges and cooperation in China’s Internet industry. The first was in 2002. Internet business leaders, government officials and representatives from the Internet Industry Association discussed hot […]