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China looks to Linux as Windows alternative

China may look at the open source Linux as a replacement for Windows, following an official ban on Microsoft’s Windows 8 for government procured computers. Chinese Government news agency Xinhua published an article claiming Chinese vendors are using a ban on Windows 8 to push Linux-based OS variants. According the the reports, Chinese developers may […]

China publishes evidence of US cyber-attack

And to provide equal air play, this week China has refuted claims by the US that they’ve been hacking for economic benefit and have published data from US cyber-attacks on China. Here is some good reading from XinHua on the Chinese opinion and thoughts on the US/China cybersecurity attack:   China publishes latest data of […]

China introduces new IT security rules for foreign technology companies

Seemingly in response to the US indictment this week of five PLA officers, China has introduced a number of IT security checks for foreign owned IT companies. The State Internet Information Office (SIIO) in China said new ground rules would be established to protect the country’s national interests. This would ensure that no illegal interference […]

US Indicts 5 PLA members on hacking charges

Well it’s been a busy week in cyber security and China. This week the US justice department indicted five PLA officers on charges of hacking US companies to benefit Chinese industry. Wow. This is surely going to escalate tensions between the US and China. China has cut off the cyber-security dialogue the two nations had […]

Hong Kong Google Play Store’s Apps Security Risk Report (April 2014)

Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team (HKCERT) Coordination Centre cooperates with the National Institute of Network and Information Security (NINIS) for detecting malicious and suspicious behaviors of Apps from the Google Play Store, in order to study the security risk of apps in the Google Play Store in Hong Kong area. NINIS provides us analyzed […]

Hacking China’s online games for profit: an interview

Tech in Asia just posted this great article (translated from the original on Sina.com) on hacking groups who target online games in China. My favourite parts are: “the division of labor and operations [around hacking online games] is already quite mature.” Hackers organize into small teams, with the most technically skilled hackers cracking into the […]