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Devs, hackers hunt for iOS malware author iTnews.com.au

Devs, hackers hunt for iOS malware author Hackers and developers are on a hunt to reveal the creator of a mysterious piece of malware that steals Apple usernames and passwords from jailbroken devices. The Unflod malware, a name resembling the legitimate and popular Unfold iOS tweak, surfaced sometime in February. It infected users downloading unknown […]

Taiwan’s National Security Bureau to monitor Chinese firms

Taiwan’s National Security Bureau Monday sought to allay worries about opening Taiwan’s services market to China by announcing plans to regulate and monitor Chinese companies and individuals that pose a potential security risk. The cross-strait trade-in-services agreement will remove many barriers for Chinese services providers to set up companies and offices in Taiwan, but concerns […]

Chinese government tackling post Windows XP security risks

The Chinese government is making efforts to solve possible security risks for government agencies after Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows XP, an official said on Tuesday. “Security problems could arise because of a lack of technical support after Microsoft stopped providing services, making computers with XP vulnerable to hackers,” Yan Xiaohong, National Copyright […]

Drop Cold War mentality on China’s cyber security

As China celebrates 20 years of Internet development, it is ironic that China, as the largest victim of cyber security threats, has suffered groundless accusations over hacking other countries. Twenty years after it embraced the Internet, China boasts 618 million Internet users, almost twice the population of the United States. But the country is still far […]

New Malware Targetting iOS Devices

 Chinese hackers may have created iOS malware called Unflod Malware targeting jailbroken iOS devices has been spotted, with indications Chinese hackers created the password stealer, known as Unflod. Reddit users posted about infected Apple machines earlier this month, saying the Unflod software was causing certain apps, including Snapchat and Google Hangouts, to crash. Security researcher Stefan […]

China on frontlines of cyber security threat

An internet cafe in Chengdu. (Photo/Xinhua) Twenty years after it embraced the internet, China has become a cyber giant, but a weak one vulnerable to a skyrocketing number of threats. Since China formally became a member of the global internet club on April 20, 1994, internet users had grown to 618 million at the end […]

Hackers lurk in vents and vending machines

As an amusing side note, a business was compromised through an online Chinese take away website.  

subject: Is China’s QR-code ban about security or lost revenue?

China’s central bank recently suspended mobile payments initiated through QR codes amid security concerns regarding the identification process involved with those transactions. The bank’s decision immediately affects China’s two largest third-party mobile-payments providers in Alibaba Group Holding, which operates Alipay, and Tencent Holdings Ltd. On the surface, the bank’s edict could very well be based […]