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Chinese spy concerns: Key Australian defence agencies ban Lenovo

A great article from Delimiter today. blog Wow. Consider us flabberghasted by this one. Under the ownership of United States-headquartered technology giant IBM, the ThinkPad line of laptops was considered to be the iron grade of corporate quality — reliable, secure, stable. But at some point after IBM sold its PC business to Chinese company […]


Huawei isn’t a Spy for China

An article snipped from yesterday’s AFR where China’s Ambassador to Australia, Chen Yuming, has stated that Huawei is not a spy for China, in response to allegations from retired US intelligence officials.  

Secret US cyber actions exposed by Snowden leaks demand much larger debate

In April 2009, Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, took the stage at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco for a keynote address. He told the crowd of thousands: “The NSA does not want to run cyber security for the government.” Instead, he said, the job of protecting U.S. infrastructure is […]


[Worth Reading] CNCERT Weekly Report July 1-7 2013 –

 While stumbling across the internets and through Chinese government sites, I found CNCERT’s site which has a wealth of interesting information on what’s going on in Zhong Guo. [image: Inline images 1] These are the summary metrics from the report’s front page and if I ever get less lazy, I’ll grab some historical reports and […]

28 million clear text passwords breached on popular Chinese website Tianya

Security researchers have found 28 million clear text passwords posted online as a result of the 2011 data breach of blogging site Tianya, the twelfth most popular website in China. The credentials included usernames, passwords and email addresses and were found by researchers at PwnedList . About 40 million users or 60 percent of the […]

[Old Article] China Cert: China Under Severe Cyber Attack

I came across this while doing some Googling on CNCERT (aka China’s CERT) and thought it was an interesting view into the cyber attacks on China. Note: It’s from March 2013, so not breaking news. “Between September 2012 and February 2013, 85 websites belonging to government agencies and high-profile private companies were hacked. Of these […]

Huawei’s big data push in London

In a memorandum of understanding signed last week, Imperial College London signed up to working with controversial communications technology firm Huawei. The two have set plans in motion to run a joint research and development hub in west London. Not for the first time, this raises questions about the security of British firms and institutions doing business […]

China sees increase in Trojan and botnet attacks from other countries

China saw an increase in Trojan and botnet attacks coming from other countries in 2012, as the amount of mobile malware in the country also surged, according to a local security group. During the year, a total of 73,000 Trojan and botnet command-and-control servers had hijacked 14.2 million host machines in the country. The number […]