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Chinese cyber-espionage rising, says Verizon annual report

Cyber-espionage originating from China has become a top source of data breach incidents, according to an annual report from Verizon. The report found Chinese spying and theft of sensitive corporate information, such as intellectual property, accounted for about 20% of the 621 data breach cases last year that Verizon analyzed. The data-breach victims are companies […]

China behind 96% of all cyber-espionage data breaches

Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report is out and includes data gathered by its own forensics team and data breach info from 19 partner organizations worldwide. The report covers about 621 confirmed breaches and about 47,000 security incidents that occurred in 2012. Security incidents do not necessarily mean the attackers were able to breach an organization and […]


Huawei pulls plug on NBN project teams

Huawei Australia chairman John Lord says the controversial Chinese telecommunications vendor has all but given up hope supplying the NBN. Huawei was blocked by the government selling equipment to the NBN based on advice from intelligence agencies.  

‘Aurora’ Cyber Attackers Were Really Running Counter-Intelligence

Dave Aucsmith, Microsoft’s Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments, who spoke last week at a government IT conference Microsoft, outlined a starkly different version of the attacks than the assessment that Google offered in the bombshell revelation it made in January 2010. Google had said that the attackers were trying to infiltrate the Gmail accounts of Chinese […]

Qihoo-Tencent Lawsuit Finishes

This is from Beijing Review, one of the Chinese business magazines I subscribe to. Qihoo is a Chinese anti virus company who was suing Tencent for monopolisation in in the instant messaging space.

Feedback requested for Telecommunications and Internet users’ personal information protection requirements

Following on from the Asia Briefing aarticle, I’ve just run a quick Google Translation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s notice requesting feedback for the draft Telecommunications and Internet users’ personal information protection requirements paper. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the telecommunications and Internet users, implement the decision of […]

China Increases Efforts to Protect Personally Identifiable Information

 In recent years, the leaking of private information to third-parties has aroused nationwide concern in China. It has been reported that organizations such as Internet companies and telecommunications operators have been selling their clients’ personal information for profit, contributing to the plethora of junk mails and spam messages that frustrate users on a daily basis. […]