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New Malware Targetting iOS Devices

 Chinese hackers may have created iOS malware called Unflod Malware targeting jailbroken iOS devices has been spotted, with indications Chinese hackers created the password stealer, known as Unflod. Reddit users posted about infected Apple machines earlier this month, saying the Unflod software was causing certain apps, including Snapchat and Google Hangouts, to crash. Security researcher Stefan […]


[Worth Reading] CNCERT Weekly Report July 1-7 2013 –

 While stumbling across the internets and through Chinese government sites, I found CNCERT’s site which has a wealth of interesting information on what’s going on in Zhong Guo. [image: Inline images 1] These are the summary metrics from the report’s front page and if I ever get less lazy, I’ll grab some historical reports and […]

Researchers uncover new global cyberespionage operation dubbed Safe

Security researchers from Trend Micro have uncovered an active cyberespionage operation that so far has compromised computers belonging to government ministries, technology companies, media outlets, academic research institutions and nongovernmental organizations from over 100 countries. The operation, which Trend Micro has dubbed Safe, targets potential victims using spear phishing emails with malicious attachments. The company’s […]

Chinese hackers infiltrated Reserve Bank

Computer networks at the Reserve Bank of Australia were compromised in 2011 by Chinese intelligence gathering malware, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal (pdf). The email disseminated trojan horse malware was planted on six computers at the RBA, bypassing anti-virus scanners, the documents first reported by the Australian Financial Review state. Several […]