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FBI chief sees better cyber cooperation from China

FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday he has seen some improvement in cooperation from China in fighting cybercrime following last year’s bilateral agreement on the issue. Chinese authorities “seem to have an agreed upon framework for what is nation-state action appropriate, that is intelligence collection, and what is theft,” Comey told a cybersecurity event in […]

In the Apple encryption fight, the FBI is now on China’s side

As Apple filed its defense against the government on Monday, FBI Director James Comey was in Beijing, meeting with the head of China’s surveillance state. According to state media reports, Comey and Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun discussed ways to “deepen law enforcement and security cooperation.” It was a diplomatic meeting, trying to warm a […]

China Calls for Increased Cooperation with FBI on Internet Security, Counterterrorism

China has called for increased cooperation with the FBI on matters pertaining to internet security and counterterrorism. Reuters reports that Guo Shengkun, China’s minister of public safety, recently told FBI Director James Comey in a Beijing meeting that his country was willing to enhance its mutual trust and respect with the United States with respect […]

Our best frenemy

When it comes to global cyberthreats, you could say there’s the whole rest of the world, and then there’s China. The victims of Chinese hacking cover every sector of the U.S. economy, from banks and tech firms to energy giants and government agencies. Chinese hackers have been linked to the theft of 80 million Social […]