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China big data security whitepaper, UAV digital platform and draft cryptography Law

  China publishes draft measures regulating cross-border transfer of data The Cyberspace Administration of China (“CAC”) published the Draft Assessment Measures for Transferring Personal Data and Important Data to Overseas Countries (the “Draft”) on 11 April 2017 to solicit public opinions. Under the Draft, “Network Operators”, which are defined as the owners or administrators of […]

China Cyber Sovereignty and Cross-Border Digital Trade

As the U.S. reexamines its trade policy, commentators following U.S.-China affairs have noted an important area that has not received as much attention as the bilateral trade in goods but may one day rival it:  the digital economy.  Although U.S. exports of information and communication technology-related services to China totaled $12.8 billion in 2015, e-commerce […]