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How Alibaba deployed Big Data to combat China IPR pirates and counterfeiters

To understand how big a problem counterfeit and pirated goods represent to business, remember the number $461 billion. That’s the dollar amount that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimated for last year’s global trade in fake goods. It’s also right around the level of Sweden’s gross domestic product. It’s not just the high […]

Alibaba customers targeted in Phishing attack

Customers of the online retail giant Alibaba are being specifically targeted with a phishing scam. The Comodo Antispam Labs said some Alibaba customers have been victimized by a phishing scam where the email uses a spoofed address – feedback@service.alibaba.com – and a message that attempts to get people to verify their account information. The email […]

Alibaba Smartphone To Help Chinese Police Combat Foreign Spies, Play Games And Shop Online

SHANGHAI — A new smartphone developed jointly by China’s police ministry and Internet giant Alibaba will allow officers to play games and shop online, as well as deploy a safe mode designed to combat data theft and foreign spying, according to Chinese media reports. The handset has been developed over the last 18 months by […]