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Xi, Obama tout Sino-US cooperation on cybersecurity

As China and the United States agreed at the G20 Leaders Summit to enhance cooperation on cybersecurity issues, Chinese internet specialists called on the government to improve its network constructions and accelerate cybersecurity legislation.

President Xi Jinping met US President Barack Obama during the summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, where they discussed several bilateral issues, including the global economy and cybersecurity.

Both leaders spoke of joint efforts in fighting online crime in June and research on cybersecurity in August.

They agreed to conduct further discussions on the combat of internet crimes in the US in December, adding that another seminar on how to make use of technical and telecom skills to fight cyber terrorism will be held in October.

They said they valued efforts made by network specialists from both countries and hoped to hold a second meeting of experts later this year.

Shen Yi, a professor specializing in cyberspace management and cybersecurity at Fudan University, said that Sino-US cooperation on cybersecurity has played a significant role in improving relations between the two nations.

“Since 2008, cybersecurity has played a pivotal role in relations between the two nations, as it is tied to security and economic developments,” Shen said.

“Discussing differences and reaching agreements through dialogue is a positive move, so it is necessary for both countries to continue holding such meetings,” Shen added.

China and the US have agreed to fight cyber terrorism, “because both nations realize terrorists are a big threat to national security,” he said, suggesting that China accelerates cybersecurity legislation.

“Our cybersecurity legislation should be sped up, while how to review online services or products as they enter the Chinese market must also be addressed,” he said. “It will be hardfor the two nations to reach solid and practical agreements if one of them lacks relevant laws.”

Fan Yuan, a cybersecurity specialist and president of DBAPP Security, a company providing cybersecurity services, said Chinese technology enterprises should improve their own technical skills to enhance cybersecurity.

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