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Ramping Down Chinese Commercial Cyber Espionage

Despite criticism from skeptics, China is trying to honor its “no commercial hacking for profit” commitments as first promised in an accord with the United States, and later reaffirmed at the November 2015 G20 summit.  Recent news reports cited that in a show of good faith, China had arrested hackers per the U.S. government’s request prior to meeting with President Obama in September.  While detractors believe that commercial cyber espionage hasn’t really stopped, recent Chinese efforts show a government trying to get a handle on its large spying apparatus that could include hired and independent contractors acting autonomously in addition to its other resources.  While complete cessation may never occur, significant timely reduction demonstrates Beijing’s willingness to work with the United States as a partner and not a pariah, and provides a foundation from which the two governments can move forward on other cyber security areas where incongruity persists.

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Ramping Down Chinese Commercial Cyber Espionage


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