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Leaders gather in Beijing to address cyber threat

Video coverage of the 2014 China Internet Security Conference is online at CCTV.com

Click through to http://english.cntv.cn/2014/09/25/VIDE1411595524479107.shtml to see the video coverage.

Threats to cyber security are a growing concern. Hackers can inflict widespread damages from identity theft to financial loss with the click of a mouse. On Wednesday, the China Internet Security Conference began in Beijing, drawing security leaders from around the world. And for China, the challenge is especially big.

China and the United States do not always see eye-to-eye on cyber security. But experts from Washington to Beijing are meeting in the Chinese capital to jointly tackle cyber terror.

From derailing a train, to hacking billions of bank accounts, the destructive potential from one hacker and the Internet is huge. And in China, the risks are growing.

For countries around the world, the Internet has become a top security concern. And that is especially true in China, where there are now more than 600 million people online.

The Boston Consulting Group predicts Internet users in China will hit 730 million in two years. That is nearly double the US population. Another challenge for China is that it is behind on technical knowledge.

As China’s appetite for Internet based services grows, security measures to protect its Internet users will be increasingly vital.

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