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How to Catch Chinese Hackers: Look at Who Wants Your Corporate Secrets

Jeffrey Johnson has the stamp of a military man, perhaps as a result of his early career in the U.S. Navy. The part in his hair might as well have been drawn with a ruler; his shirt is tucked as tight as a hospital corner. He looks slightly incongruous striding around his downstairs den in suburban Virginia in his socks and eating Chick-fil-A takeout, as he explains why SquirrelWerkz isn’t just another cybersecurity startup.

His contention is that hacking isn’t a technical issue: It’s a business and competitive issue, and that’s how companies need to approach it. “All this time we’ve been focused on the technology layer, but it’s just a means to an end,” he says. “What we forgot to do was to focus on the business transactions.” Johnson began doing just that as a cyber-risk specialist at EY (formerly Ernst & Young). In 2012 he was called in to examine a breach at a U.S. chemical company. An earlier investigation by the FBI concluded that Chinese hackers had penetrated the company’s network using a phishing e-mail and gained control of servers in Germany and Canada for two months.

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