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Hong Kong Sees Rising Number of Cyberattacks

HONG KONG— A year after pro-democracy protests filled the streets of Hong Kong, the city has become a target of multiple, and sophisticated, cyber attacks. Hong Kong cyber security watchdog Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team said there has been a 38 percent rise in hacking attacks since last year.

Nicholas Thomas, a Professor at the City University of Hong Kong, said it is unclear who is behind these cyber attacks.

“With what’s been going on the Hong Kong side, there’s been no direct tie to the Chinese government, or any government agencies. That is possible of course. But this could equally be Chinese hacker groups who are displaying some nationalist tendencies in cyberspace and doing this under their own steam,” said Thomas.

Since August of last year there have been more than 1,175 phishing attacks, where users’ data and computers are compromised after clicking on an attachment to an email.

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