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Gizmodo – Chinese Hackers Caught Hijacking a Decoy US Water Plant

And more coverage of China hacking the water supply honey pot from Gizmodo, though with slightly more bias.

“Chinese hackers have been harassing the US in a series of cyberattacks, but we’ve started trying to talk it out and cool this all down. But in the meantime, a security researcher has just revealed that he caught a team of Chinese hackers hijacking a fake water plant he set up. And aside from spotting the fake, they knew exactly what they were doing.”

Personally, it’s not cool this article is focussing on China as “The 74 attacks on the honeypots came from 16 different countries. Most of the noncritical attacks, 67 percent, originated in Russia, and a handful came from the U.S. About half the critical attacks originated in China, and the rest came from Germany, U.K., France, Palestine, and Japan.” As mentioned in the original article.

Alas, a strong anti-China stance brings eyeballs.




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