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After pointing to China, S. Korea confirms hack came from ‘somewhere’

After a series of cyber attacks brought down 32,000 servers and computers belonging to media and financial companies, South Korean security experts quickly traced the source of the hack to an IP address in China.

However on Friday, officials from South Korea’s Communications Commission were forced to walk back their claim about Chinese involvement, claiming simply that they were sure “that the attack was from a foreign land.”
Apparently investigators simply misidentified the IP address, associating an internal bank address with a public Chinese address. This information was relayed by Korean officials to journalists in a blunder Korea’s Yonhap news agency called “ridiculous.”

While South Korean officials are doubtlessly to blame for this oversight, the press was positively gleeful in again waving its finger at China for being somehow involved. While China has a history of cyber espionage, everyone knew the attack came from the two computers that exists in North Korea in response to an attack on North Korean severs.


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