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Tech Giants Push Back Against China’s New Cyber Security Bill

Tech companies are pushing back against China’s controversial new cyber security bill that requires companies to share proprietary source code with Beijing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, under the new regulations, China will require software companies, network-equipment manufacturers and other technology companies to disclose their source codes—the building blocks of computer programs—in order to prove their products cannot be infiltrated by hackers.

However, tech companies are arguing that the disclosure policy does not ensure such safety, and may even heighten the risk of their code falling into the wrong hands.

Intel INTC 1.18% , Microsoft MSFT 0.08% , and IBM IBM 0.13% alongside various Chinese tech companies, have come out against the new regulations. Rebuking the new bill, Microsoft wrote, “Sharing source code in itself can’t prove the capability to be secure and controllable. It only proves there is source code,” in a statement quoted by the Journal.


Read the full article over at that fine website, http://fortune.com/2016/12/02/cyber-security-bill-source-code/



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