IT Security China is is taking a stab at collating information security news from within China and also as it pertains to China. “Cyberwar”, “Chinese Hackers”, “Chinese Malware” and APTs are currently prominent terms in the western media and we discuss them regularly at work in the information security industry. While capturing news bytes from mainstream Western media, this site also attempts to highlight a different perspective by presenting news and views from “behind the great firewall” – sourced from friends and industry, Weibo and probably a few old fashioned newspapers.
I lived in the bustling city of Shanghai (China) for 2.5 years from 2003 to mid 2005 so have some first-hand but dated experience living and working in this amazing, frustrating and often contradictory country. During my time (and ever since) I’ve collected and experienced many a tale of IT security woe. Some of these were first hand (my secretary emailed out business plans to her boyfriend in a related industry), some from my customers at the time (typically also involving fax machines or viruses) and others from friends along the way. Now they’ve got a mechanism through this site to be published.
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